Girl Details/女孩详细


Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 露西 Lu Xi (4291号)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room 包房

EAST (东部)

Eunos 友诺士

$120Massage/60mins +HJ

9130 0855

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2021-11-27 18:56Macannnn Says:
Good massage sia
Powerful thigh calf area
Super professional skill

Easy find
Easy parking
Clean place
Gd attitude
Nice person
Gd service with magical Hand job

Price on high a bit

But better than outside massage spa !!
Even Outside spa using a hot oil
But price quite close .

I will choose and prefer me skillful .
2021-11-26 21:31Hubert Says:
Finally move to condo

2nd times date her f massage I reserve 2hours
Skill still well maintain and good attitude
Good chatting
Nice people

Be respect
Thank you f release my body stress

See you again soon
2021-11-22 17:53Eh Says:
She know how to do well massage
Professional as well
Every single point accurate
With end Hand job magical
Good job
Looks 9/10
Clean 10/10
Attitude 10/10
Nice skin 10/10
Overall prefect
Highly recommended
Return again
2021-11-21 21:54Darrick Says:
Great skillful massage with magical hand job
Just end session .
Overall enjoyable
Return 100%
2021-11-18 14:01Beng seng Says:
Good tatic massage
2021-11-16 10:36Ken Says:
I visit her f massage
Is bcos of my fren introduced.
That is so many good review that wanted to try her skilful powerful massage
Never give me disappointed.
Amazing skill and she know how to press pressure point .
Overall is good relax
HJ are super magical as well
Happy end sension great
Highly recommended
2021-11-15 20:53Desmond Says:
Today my 2nd times visit her .
Very Lucky got a lot f me .
Really enjoyable f me to relax after wk tiredness .

Had a magical hand press damn solic and knowledgeable experience
F fringed point pressure accurate .
Overall relax and good hand UOB ending .
Return next week .
2021-11-10 11:34陈先生 Says:
2021-10-30 15:37Desmond Says:
Prefect massage
This is my four times met her f skillful massage
Standard still well maintain .
But this time she do great job f Magic HJ .
She tell me learn from sister .
Will return next week .
2021-10-25 10:42Cian en Says:
Her massage businesss was very busy to hard booking .
Need at least 4-5 hour befe booking .
I don’t know why so busy .
I think skill is great and attitude than always got customer respect her
That’s why super busy .
Anyway talk to main point .
She knowledgeable experiencing massage was damn solid good
She know how to do well and what customer tiredness what they need
She will focusing on it
Expecially is thigh calf area solid good .
After massage I thankful to you I’m super well until next day wake
Up still can feel my body .
2021-10-25 10:36Gary Says:
Power of magical hand job
Up to heaven nice shiock
I want to come this few days again .
2021-10-24 11:28Eric Says:
Just finish my session massage
Enjoyable and relaxing
She is good attitude
After massage she ask me itzzz tired and let me until exactly 1 hour than tell me Timing is due .
Good person always a lot suppted
Thank you f your kindness
2021-10-20 23:04风吹过来 Says:
2021-10-20 11:35Andy Says:
She really know how to massage .
Press until super pain on my back and calf .
She tell me learn befe in Singape
Pressure point accurate
2021-10-18 14:04MR WANG Says:
Meeting her f 3times
Massage standard still maintain well
Good hard wking
Good attitude
Good service f HJ
Prefect end sension
2021-10-18 01:55Sam Says:
Standard still maintain very well
Good job
Good HJ
Good skill
Prefect end
Thnk you f late service
Will return again
2021-10-17 12:04Ben Says:
Knowledgeable massage
Finally found it experience masseur
2021-10-17 02:24Desmond Says:
Super hardwking
Great good
Nice purely massage with HJ magical
2021-10-17 02:23Johnson Says:
Nice massage ✅
2021-10-17 02:21Alex Says:
2021-10-17 02:17Heng Says:
Her skill still maintain standard very well
Good job
Thks today 16/10/2021
My tiredness finally you settle f me .
Will come back to you next two me day promise
Thank you so much
2021-10-17 02:15Adrew Says:
Finnaly meet her appointment
Very hard to reserve her massage
She is very very busy
Guy need book appointment in advance at least 1-2days befe you go
She is knowledgeable massage until heave .
2021-10-17 02:12明哥 Says:
2021-10-06 23:44iPhone Says:
Good massage
Good attitude
She is knowledgeable experience skill pure massage
2021-10-13 13:585条 Says:
2021-10-05 09:42Jackson Says:
Skinny size
But powerful skill pure massage
Now a day hard to find purely good massage
Great good job
Prefect nice overall
Highly recommended
2021-10-05 09:40Vincent Says:
1000% massage good
She focus on my lower back and calf .
Quite good overall
Since I first time but can feel better than outside spa .
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 star giving
2021-10-05 09:38Benn Huang Says:
Wow visit her three times
It her standard still at there
Even me skill and power pressure point area
I think this is call good attitude and sincere
& respect ✊
Will return again next week :)
2021-10-01 09:48Pang Says:
Amazing massage with Magic HJ
Thank you bro Daren f intro
This is the one understand and knowledgeable massage
She will use professional skill to press that your tiredness area .
Overall very good
Return 10/10
Place easy parking
2021-09-30 23:48Arrian Says:
My 3rd time visit her massage
This time was amazing Magic HJ f me
Overall very shiock
2021-09-17 01:30Vv Says:
Pure massage only
2021-09-15 09:05Fai Says:
Massage 9/10
Attitude 9/10
Clean place 09/10
Highly recommended 09/10
Return 09/10
Overall 09/10
Experiencing 09/10
2021-09-10 02:04Hong Says:
Good massage
Good attitude
Good skill
Good job
2021-09-10 01:41Ah Huat Says:
Just end sension with her skillful area massage point to point
Super hard wking and good attitude
Please take care of her
She learn befe step by step massage
Just nice f me
2021-09-05 01:20Wan Bao Says:
2021-09-05 01:11A tall man Says:
2021-09-05 01:07Tall man Says:
2021-09-03 22:21Nickclas Says:
Only pure massage she do
Please respect her
If you respect her
She will use her professional skillful massage your tiredness
Expecially thigh calf area you need .
Great job
2021-09-02 17:15Chan kiat ho Says:
Massage good ✅✅✅✅✅⭐️
2021-09-01 10:01Jason Says:
Good massage
2021-08-25 09:07Andy Says:
2021-08-24 11:43Ah wen Says:
Gd massage
Purely super purely tatic massage
Nice f me enough
As long as release my stress
2021-08-24 11:42NA Says:
Professional experience knowledgeable skillful
Thigh calf area power point to point
Overall 10/10

Purely massage
Great job
Return 10/10

Will come again f massage
Thank you so much
2021-08-23 14:17Jing Peng Says:
Good finger press massage
Magical tatic f thigh calf area
Everybody left review f thigh calf good
Wanted to try but after try
I keep quiet f my self
That is very good power f thigh calf make me pain until f 2 days
Good job

Thank you so much
Will come back massage again
2021-08-23 14:13Arianake MR TAN Says:
Good pressure point finger press
Expecially thigh calf area was amazing hard
Pain until today
2021-08-23 01:47Tip Says:
Smarted pressure point solic
Light light also feel very pain
I think I’m tired
Next week visit again and try her thigh calf focus
Everybody said she thigh calf specially focus
Save $$$$ first
2021-08-23 01:39Hai Says:
Super purely massage in market this trade
Overall professional skillful be respect
Good attitude
Pressure point solic
2021-08-22 02:06Gary jenny Says:
Clever massage actually no need so hard also get very pain
Point to point was get painful
Good job
2021-08-21 01:37Gaojing Says:
2021-08-19 17:02Tan Chong meng Says:
2021-08-19 16:59Ball Says:
Purely massage only
Good job
2021-08-19 16:53Enmund Says:
Best hardwking massage
No excuses
No regrets
No rush
No other service

Only pure massage
Who like to release back lower back thigh calf massage
Good attitude massage

But only way
She don’t like bad people anyhow touch her body .
This is her request

Anyway f me
I just enjoy my massage only
If she professional skill
That is the best

Thank you so much
Respect ✊
2021-08-18 11:42Jackson bne Says:
Hard to find purely massage in trade
She knowledgeable massage
I suppose to 150$

She Is experience
2021-08-18 11:38Sam Says:
Massage good
2021-08-18 11:36叶问 Says:
Powerful skillful point to point pressure thigh calf kneeling .
Overall pure
Good job

But she don’t like busu ppl anyhow touch whatever she don’t like
I think have to respect her

If respect her
She use professional skill respect you back as well

2021-08-17 00:10Wen jie Says:
Massage f $120
Expecially is professional massage
I think
2021-08-16 23:52Heng Says:
She massage damn good

Outside spa need to learn from her already
Never try never know
Tatic magic skillful powerful
Wking hard
Respect ✊
Good job

But she request don’t anyhow touch her imptant area
As she don’t like

Take note
2021-08-16 23:50Adrian Says:
Massage good
2021-08-16 23:30Aston Says:
Professional pure massage
Thank you f release my lower back pain f few days .

Alikato kozaimas
2021-08-13 10:45Ben Says:
$120 f massage just nice f the cost
As long as good massage
2021-08-13 10:41Gilbert Says:
Great job
Still maintain her standard

Anyways meet her second times but she really like anyhow touch her body
She get very angry and not comftable f her .

Be respect her
If respect her
She will do nice massage f you
2021-08-13 10:37Lexus Says:
Good massage good tactic point to point
Super pure massage
Return 100%
I think thigh and calf massage was good
2021-08-12 23:21Ye Says:
Very nice press pressure point massage
Great end f HJ as well
Overall 9/10
Return back again
2021-08-12 17:49Haige Says:
Skillful powerful massage
Nice massage
Expecially calf thigh massage
Super hard pressure
Press until my thigh 黑青 blue black .
Oh my god
Good job
2021-08-11 20:27Robert Says:
2021-08-11 20:25Eric Says:
Massage can
will come back again
HJ was great as well
Relax 10/10
Rating high
2021-08-11 19:07Long Says:
Attitude imptant
Nice person
Respect her
2021-08-11 19:03Desmond Says:
Her massage skill improve a lot
Expecially pressure point finger was great
This is my third times visit

Still maintain attitude and be patience person
Good job
2021-08-11 14:02Jing shan zhao Says:
Sometime really must try massage also very good relaxing
Enjoyable .
2021-08-10 16:33Desmond ang Says:
Just finished a session with her.
Picture is 100% the same, figure and shape too. Just right and huggable.
Not a boobs person, but she is not airpt, nice to grip.
Massage is okok, she has the strength and knows some hard to massage, it’s comftable.She is willing to learn me techniques,
Sensual was Great ,since she is new to the field, please treat her well.
Overall she is very chatty and its noce to have her as a companion.
RTM: yes!! A gem in the making
Be respect her
2021-08-10 16:29Hua chun Says:
Wonderful Massage
Looks : 9/10
Massage : Definitely has good efft and legit skill technoque. And yet she’s still very keen in improving. Plus point!
Location: Has ample parking at basement
Will definitely return!
2021-08-10 13:57Derrick hu Says:
2021-08-10 13:54海哥 Says:
2021-08-10 13:51Hai ge Says:
2021-08-10 13:44Ben Says:
Good massage
Good HJ
Good relax body
Overall 10/10
2021-08-10 10:59Renhuang Says:
Amazing massage
HJ shiock
No rush
Prefect end sension
Lucky never disappointed

Wking hard
2021-08-10 10:56Janmin Says:

2021-08-10 10:52Grabier Says:

2021-08-07 12:51Chen tang tang Says:
Good job
Better than outside spa

So many review said that her massage strong just wanted to try
Really amazing after try
2021-08-07 00:36Jonathan Says:
2021-07-29 09:42Tan choong beng Says:
Not bad massage
Will come back again
2021-07-28 23:4033 Says:
Good massage
2021-07-28 01:01Fat fat Says:
Good pressure point massage
I think need hard a bit me
Bcos I bigger guy fat need hard .
Hard wking
Thku so mcuh
Doing well
2021-07-26 10:16Fun Says:
Finally have my appt with her
Great massage
Great HJ
Great prefect end sension enjoyable
2021-07-25 09:50Alex Says:
Look: 9/10 look so pretty without makeup
Body: 9/10 Slim and petit, smooth and silky
Massage: 9/10 good strength, ease my body
Sensual: 10/10 bj and hj was like heaven
GFE: 9/10 feel like real girlfriend
Attitude: 10/10 honest and hardwking

2021-07-25 09:48Desmond Khoo Says:

2021-07-22 13:50Hiang Says:
Good thigh massage
Good calf. Massage
Good lower back massage
Overall prefect end
2021-07-19 10:42Benjamin Says:
Super strong massage same as men strong .
What I feel is good
Now a day very hard to find very knowledgeable experience massage .
Good job
2021-07-18 00:35Ah Ben Says:
Good job
Super hard pressure point massage
She how to do massage .

But she don’t like anyhow people touch her body
Please respect her if respect her
She will do nice pure massage f you .
Expecially thigh calf
Focus point to point finger .
2021-07-16 13:44Yue zi Says:
Super strong massage
Good job
2021-07-14 08:48Jeremy Koh Says:
Massage is good and imptant f me .
She did good job and very well hard and point finger press .

Some girl anyhow touch than never do properly and not even press than ask f
HJ .
2021-07-08 09:34Ah Heng Says:
Outside spa have to learn from her .

She is good professional hard pressure massage .
Other comment said she doing thigh calf massage .
I don’t believe but after try already only 1 wds
2021-07-06 00:50Macus Says:
2021-07-03 16:42solo Says:
went to book her f a massage
had a great wonderful time there

Look: 10/10 look so pretty without makeup
Body: 9/10 Slim and petit, smooth and silky
Massage: 9/10 good strength, ease my body
Sensual: 10/10 bj and hj was like heaven
GFE: 10/10 feel like real girlfriend
Attitude: 10/10 honest and hardwking
RTM: yes

A gem not to be miss

2021-07-26 13:41yy Says:
confirm got Bj...
2021-07-01 00:06Ben Says:
Good massage
Hard wking
2021-06-30 23:18Does Says:
Very good pressure point massage .
Good experience
2021-06-29 13:37Ah Bee Says:
2021-06-27 21:48Desmond Says:
Very very good pressure point massage :)
She really know how to do massage amazing
2021-06-27 20:10Jimmy Says:
Real photo look better in person
Pretty sweet young thing
Gfe 10/10

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